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Promise Me, Cowboy (Copper Mountain Rodeo) - CJ Carmichael

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The blurb is a bit misleading in regards to the night they spent together. Sage and Dawson became friends on the rodeo circuit months before they gave into their attraction and slept together. Unfortunately, Dawson never explained that he was separated from his wife and Sage was humiliated when his wife showed up the next morning.


That was five years ago. Sage quit the circuit (due to an injury and the fact that she only competed to make her father proud, which didn’t work anyway) and opened up a chocolate shop in Marietta, Montana. She’s dated but never settled down. And then the Copper Mountain Rodeo rolls into town and brings Dawson with it. Dawson has never forgotten about Sage and now that he’s single, he wants to win her back. But Sage definitely has her defenses up and isn’t so willing to forgive.


I thought this was a cute novella. I liked Sage and Dawson together. She is justifiably upset over the events of what happened, but she was willing to listen to Dawson’s side of things and she thinks she’s moved on so they do become friendly again. But Dawson lets her know right off the bat that he wants her in his life. Dawson definitely made a mistake not telling Sage he was married and that he was separated from his wife and he realized that.  My only beef about their romance is that their conflict is resolved a bit quickly but that’s definitely due to the short length.  But I was not unsatisfied with the way things ended, I thought it fit the story.


I also enjoyed the way the friendships and sibling relationships were developed.  It made this novella very rich character-wise.  For its length, there was quite the story packed into those pages.  A cute read.  4 out of 5.