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~~Louisa May Alcott

Change of Heart - Mary Calmes CoH was a surprise for me. I'm so burnt out on paranormals but this one just kept calling to me. Jin Rayne is a male reah. In werepanther culture, that's unheard of. A reah is always the true mate of a semel, a werepanther tribe's leader. Since semels are always male, reahs should always be female. Semels are always on the look-out for their reah and Jin has learned to avoid semels. Jin was almost killed by his tribe when he was 16 and they discovered that he was a reah - and gay. Although reahs are revered by werepanthers, his tribe thought he was an abomination. Left for dead, Jin and his best friend Crane struck out on their own. Never staying in one place too long for fear of discovery, Jin and Crane have led a very lonely existence. Then they land in a town near Lake Tahoe and everything changes. Jin is forced through extenuating circumstances to meet Logan Church, the local werepanther semel and it finally happened - he's found his true mate, and nothing could terrify Jin more. The insta-love true mate trope has always bothered me in the past, but in Jin and Logan's case, I didn't mind. Maybe because Logan was straight? Whatever. I enjoyed this story but I can see where Jin might be a bit annoying. B+