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Hero (Cat Star Chronicles, #6) - Cheryl Brooks So far in the Cat Star Chronicles, all the Zetithians have been male. But references have been dropped about the females and how hard they are to please. They are so hard to please that the males became freaking sex gods with orgasm inducing sperm to appeal to their women. And so far, only Terran females have gotten a Zetithian male.

So what happens when a Zetithian man comes upon a Zetithian female?

Well considering neither of them grew up on their home planet, a big misunderstanding!

Trag is Tychar’s brother (from Rogue, Catstar book 3) and he’s been saying he hasn’t settled down with a woman because he was waiting to find a Zetithian. However, he believed that there were no Zetithian females in existence so he was only saying that so people wouldn’t figure out that he had a big crush on his sister-in-law, Kyra. (This all stems from a threesome in Rogue.)

Micayla is a Zetithian female who was given to a Terran woman seconds before her family was killed. She was only 2. She was raised on Earth not even knowing what planet she was from. Now she’s in Orleon Station in the outer reaches of space working as a communications officer. And since Zetithian females are so hard to please, no Terran man has ever been able to excite her interest, sexually, which Micayla to believe that she was not normal somehow. She wants to be attracted to men, but there’s no sparks, whatsoever.

And then when she comes face to face with Trag, she hisses. So both of them assume that she can’t stand the sight of him. LOL

I enjoyed Hero – the characters were really engaging and Jack and the gang from the previous books showed up. There was also closure as to WHY the Zetithian planet was destroyed and WHO was behind it all. That’s how Trag and Micayla meet actually. The guy behind it all saw Micayla and tried to kidnap her in the space station but her and her friend hid on a ship…that Trag was the pilot of. So once Micayla shares what she discovered, she tells Trag and he tells Jack and they hatch a plan to catch the dirty bastard who destroyed their planet!

Also! I like how Trag and Micayla didn’t fall into insta-love. So at first they’re confuzzled about the mixed signals they’re sending and once they do hook up, Micayla is still thinking something’s not right with her and Trag is kind of wounded by her non-romantic attitude (because he knows with the other couples how they’re always ready to rip their clothes off). And Micayla is not like that at all. So it was good that she was going through some self-discovery with her newly discovered sexuality and that totally kept Trag on his toes. And he needed that because he was used to women throwing themselves at him. It also lets the characters get to know each other.

All in all, a good installment to the series. I would recommend reading at least the first book, Slave, in this series and maybe Tychar’s book, to get some of what the characters are talking about.

Hero gets a 4 out of 5 from me!