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~~Louisa May Alcott

The Object Of My Obsession

The Object Of My Obsession - Cara North Sonja Love writes a sex advice column but she's finagled an opportunity to question up and coming actor Jacob Brandon. She's staying at the same hotel as him, an interesting fact she discovers while returning to her hotel room from buying batteries for her BoB. Alone in an elevator, she seduces him. Something neither of them have done before and sure enough, the next day, when Jake discovers Sonya is with the press, he's mucho worried she'll sell her story. But Sonja has integrity as Jake comes to understand and these two continue with the sexual hijinks. To the point that Jake visits Sonja at her home in a bid to escape public scrutiny and relax for a while. While at Sonja's, Jake invites his friend, soap star Henry Dare. Henry soon joins Sonja and Jake in bed and Sonja is divided between her feelings for these two men.

I really truly enjoyed the Object of my Obsession. It has a very bittersweet ending that threw me for an emotional ride. It was hot, it was interesting and I loved the characters.