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Whirlwind Affair (Red Stilettos, #2) - Francesca Hawley This is book two of the Red Stiletto series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

I have to be honest. I forced myself to finish this novella. First of all, there's Rigo - and my bias towards Minnesota. I mean, what is a hot Spanish millionaire doing in Minnesota? LOL I know, I know. Anyway, that's not my real issue. The issue is Rigo's dialog. It did not ring true. I guess it could be explained away by his European background, but men don't talk like that. It's more like what we wish they would talk like, but it was laying it on thick.

Also, why is Erika so against finding happiness? Yeah she's divorced and she has two daughters. Why does that prevent her from grabbing onto a hot ass with both hands? And then there's her body image and some stuff not adding up. You see Erika's ex-husband turns out to be gay. But she keeps a picture of him and his new husband around to remind herself that he would have been a real ass to any woman, that his disparaging remarks about her body were not anything to take personally, because he was gay. So that's why she keeps his picture around, a reminder to not let his past abuse affect her self-esteem. But does it? Noooo. She does not see herself as attractive at all and so doesn't believe Rigo is actually attracted to her...despite the fact that he obviously is...because they have hot passionate sex.

And throw in a little needless conflict with her father and Whirlwind Affair just didn't work for me.