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~~Louisa May Alcott

Natural Law - Joey W. Hill Not quite sure why I picked this one to read. I've read books with BDSM elements but always figured a full-on BDSM book would be too much for me to read. Boy was I wrong! I think why this one worked for me is due to the fact that that the Master, the dom, was a woman. And I'm thinking, you don't come across that often. But it totally switches everything up and I liked it.

Mac Nighthorse is a detective and a submissive, which makes him perfect for his latest case - discovering who is going around murdering other subs. Male subs. His search takes him to a pricey club that hasn't been to before. He meets Violet, a Dom who has just taken the training wheels off, so to speak. Mac is going to be her first solo experience without a mentor present. Mac really tests Violet - he's likened to a horse that can be handled from time to time, but never really tamed. And Mac is really drawn to Violet, although he doesn't really want to let go of control. It's a real battle of wills between these two.

And that's what I liked! Mac, even though he's a sub, is super alpha and manly and yummy. LOL And I love Violet. She's a woman who knows herself - and she's a pretty strong character. She needs to be to handle Mac. He's used to controlling the situation and she won't let him get away with that anymore.

Also, Violet is the perfect person to help him with the case, but I'll leave that to you to figure out why. hehe

As for the mystery - I wasn't too interested in it at first and who I thought was the killer? Totally wrong.

This was my first Joey Hill book and it won't be my last. She writes the kind of heroines I can root for - strong, independent. And she writes the kind of heroes I like as well. I was so impressed with this book - I highly recommend it.

(And this is why I don't do mystery or suspense, I hate being wrong!) There was the perfect balance between the mystery and the romance. Meaning it leaned heavily on the romance side for me. Yay.