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Bookish Ames

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott

No Souvenirs - K.A. Mitchell I read this book first. And it's my favorite out of all 3. Jae Sun had the whole Mr. Darcy thing going for him. He's a total snob - he's a doctor and he kind of sees Shane as a scuba diving instructor with a side of laid back cowboy. Imagine his surprise when Shane is not what he seems. But those kind of revelations come later in the book. The first part is these two getting to know each other in the biblical sense and it was good. LOL Then there's a bit of an ocean misadventure (a really scary one actually) and a return to normal life. And Shane, I really liked Shane. I thought he was a good fit for Jae Sun. Excellent writing, smoking hot chemistry, No Souvenirs was a winner.