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~~Louisa May Alcott

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris I told myself to savor this book, take my time reading it. Not to inhale it like I did Dead and Gone.

Yeah. That didn't work out the way I planned. But I do know that I will savor it when I re-read it, which I will do before the next book comes out, probably next year. *sigh*

Also, this book is going to have spoilers for Dead and Gone but NOT for Dead in the Family.

So after being tortured by two fairies in the previous book, Dead in the Family focuses on Sookie getting her stride back. Sookie is still recuperating from the torture she went through: she's jumpy, the holes bitten into her are still filling in, etc. (fun stuff right!)

With the fairy war in the past book, the takeover of Louisiana by Felipe de Castro kind of took a backseat. The vamps in the area have to get used to new leadership. Victor is Felipe's agent in Louisiana and he does not like Eric. He actually held Eric captive while Sookie was getting tortured (which was a big relief for me to find out because I was wondering where Eric was!). Sookie's practicality is undergoing a bloodthirsty revolution. She knows Victor has to die and she doesn't really feel any qualms about it. As Dead in the Family progresses, we see this new practicality rise up in regards to some newcomers onto the scene as well. *g*

But Victor takes a backseat to the stuff going on closer to home. Bill is still recovering from the silver poisoning he endured and there is still some fairy stuff going on. Also, Sookie gets that long awaited for visit from her young cousin. And even the werewolves get involved in Sookie's life again due to some political moving and shaking in regards to a were registry - which is not a good thing. And Eric gets some visitors...

I don't think Charlaine can write a bad Sookie book. There is so much going on and as much as I liked it, I felt like it wasn't as big as the events in Dead and Gone. I wanted something big to happen but this book felt more like loose ends were getting wrapped up and some smaller threads were becoming unraveled. It was my own expectation and doesn't effect how much I liked this book. I think the torture Sookie suffered in Dead and Gone was a turning point in this series and it's making Sookie evaluate her morals, her choices and her life. And Sookie is practical, never forget that.

I am very happy with the way things are right now in this series. But I can't stand having to wait another year for the next book! It almost makes me want to tear my hair out...how does it all end!!