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She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott

Strange Bedpersons (MIRA) - Jennifer Crusie Before I get into the book, I want to draw your attention to the cover. It's almost perfect. Those pillows are the perfect symbols for Tess and Nick. She's a free-spirited liberal and he's a conservative republican. Now look at the pillows. LOL

So here's another JC I can kick myself for putting off reading. What's wrong with me?? Tess broke up with Nick a month ago because she couldn't put up with his obsession over work. He was so focused on making partner and she is not the type of partner he needed in life for that kind of venture. Tess is not the person who dresses to impress. Tess has bigger fish to fry - she volunteers, she has causes, she can't be bothered to dress well. LOL (Tess's wardrobe is a definite bone of contention between these two.) Unfortunately, Tess and Nick cannot stop thinking about each. So of course Tess is the first person Nick thinks of to help him out of a jam. He wants to make partner at his law firm, and in order to do so, he has to land a major client - a client who practically demanded to meet Nick's family and since Nick doesn't have anyone...Tess has to pretend to be his fiancee!

Strange Bedpersons was also a cute read. Quick, funny, perfect for a Sunday afternoon. 4 stars.