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Bookish Ames

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott

A Most Lamentable Comedy - Janet Mullany Lady Caroline Elmhurt and Mr. Nicholas Congrevance are not perfect characters. They lie, they're selfish and they're totally lovable in all their rascally ways. They're very human...not paragons of virtue that we see in some other historical romances. Even their servants lie for them, telling the other's that they're rich. It's all kind of funny, both thinking the other is rich and out to get something from the other. Nicholas wants to take Caro's money, and Caro either wants Nick for marriage or to be his mistress. Despite the fact that they're both lying through their teeth about their wealth, they do reveal their true characters to the other in various ways. Nick, who has been creating false identities on the Continent for almost 10 years has reverted to his original name and sticks close to his old identity. Caro is trying to come across as a virtuous lady to Nick, but all the other guests know her for the shameless hussy she is. And why can't a woman seek out her own pleasures? Caro isn't a hurtful person, she isn't cruel, so what's so wrong trying to take a little bit of pleasure where she can, eh?

But Nick's conscience rears its ugly head after 10 years and he realizes he loves her, and can't steal from her. Unfortunately, he can't make an honest woman out of her either because he has nothing. So what's a poor lovesick fool to do?

A Most Lamentable Comedy is truly funny. Even the second time around. I love Janet's humour. It's very wry, which is how I like it.