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E-Book Review: Wild About Her Wingman

Wild About Her Wingman: A Secret Wishes Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Robin Bielman

I thought Wild About Her Wingman was a cute read.


Erin had her heart broken epically while in college and she’s been a bit closed off ever since. But it’s been a couple of years and all her friends are coupling up and she realizes she’s ready to meet someone. Troy gets roped in as her wingman one night over drinks. He’s actually set up a few people in the past who have hit it off and so Erin agrees. The bet Troy accepts is with his coworker for grocery duty (they’re firefighters). But things go awry the more time Erin and Troy spend together. She’s not supposed to fall for her wingman.


Erin is an outdoorsy, risk taking adventuress. She sky-dives, bungee jumps and what not. As Troy starts to fall for her, he despairs over this aspect of her personality. His previous girlfriend (and someone he was going to propose to) died in a climbing accident and he’s afraid to fall for someone else who courts danger. The accident also resulted in him developing a fear of heights, something Erin helps him with.


I liked how these two acquaintances become friends and eventually more. Living in a small town and being two years apart in high school, they know of each other but never really hung out. But now that Troy has moved back home due to family stuff, they’re getting to know each other. And they quickly become friends, turning to each other in different situations. I like how Troy actually followed along on the dates he sets up for Erin, because these men are strangers to her. Yeah Troy tends to play it safe after his girlfriend’s accident, but he doesn’t try to stifle Erin. And there’s a cute scene with a puppy. Puppies will get me every time.


The few love making scenes were fade to black but the sexual tension leading up to those scenes was very well done.


I also liked the secondary characters. I believe this is the third book in a series but I didn’t feel lost when it comes to the other characters’ stories.


My only quibble was the subplot with Candace, a not so nice girl that Erin knows. That kind of got dropped and I didn’t feel like it added to the story at all.


This sweet contemporary gets a 3.75/5 from me.


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