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~~Louisa May Alcott

The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns - Elizabeth Leiknes I wanted to read this book after I read a review at Dear Author. Unfortunately, it was not available at amazon or book depository at the time (eta: it is now though!). So I did what anyone would do, I suggested my library get it and they did. And guess who was number one on the wait list? *g*

And the wait was worth it. Once I started this book, I couldn't put it down. And coming in at only 167 pages, it was a quick read. Quick but thoroughly enjoyable. I liked everything about the book except it's length. LOL

When Lucy was 11, her sister was hit by a truck and was in a coma. Lucy wrote a letter To Whom It May Concern begging for her sister's life and that letter was answered. So now Lucy works for you know who. There's a portal to hell in her basement and her dog Pluto is actually a hellhound. He helps round up Lucy's marks. And after facilitating for so long, Lucy is tired. She wants a normal life. As part of the job, she can't have friends, boyfriends and cannot have contact with her family. Now she wants what she can't have. And with the help of her musical idol, Lucy thinks she can get it.

Lucy...oh Lucy. She is one of those characters you'll think about long after the book is done. She's my kind of girl. Even though she works for you know who, she's not an evil person. She's ridding the world of evil, one person at a time. And in some cases, even groups at a time! LOL She has a soft spot for her neighbour's kid, always helping him out with homework and such. And her sense of humour! I love her sense of humour. And she makes lists. And she has crazy ideas that I can totally get behind:
A La Carte-Blanche was Luke's favorite restaurant, and I knew why immediately upon arrival. As its name implied, the notion of choice was paramount. The decor was, in fact, a clean slate-white walls, white tablecloths, white dishes.

It was so blank it made me want to take a black marker and scribble random thoughts on every flat surface. I imagined penning "sea turtle" on the white door, "lemon meringue" on the white-tiled floor, and "serendipity" on the milky-countered bar.

I can get behind that. LOL

And Luke is the man that Lucy can see herself being with. He's totally hot. And you gotta give a guy kudos for giving Lucy a second chance. You see, the first time they meet is hilarious and sad (hilarious for the reader, sad for Lucy). And then you gotta give Lucy kudos for giving him a second shot...because he does something a little bit stupid before he really knows her. But no one is perfect and that makes these two pretty damn perfect for each other. Luke was totally yummy.

Also, I really enjoyed the fact that the big showdown with You Know Who didn't drag on forever. It was quick and dirty and that's the way its done best. The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns gets a B+ from me. It was funny and it had some great characters. Definitely check it out if you see it somewhere.