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~~Louisa May Alcott

Swap Meet - Lolita Lopez I enjoyed this novella by Ms. Lopez. It was plenty hot and there was enough emotion to keep me invested. I was interested in the journey these characters took to their HEA.

Chris is a firefighter that knows he's gay but he's still in the closet. He's not too sure how his coworkers would respond to his sexuality. I thought the fact that although Max was never with a man before he had no qualms about being with Chris publicly - especially compared to Chris's insecurities about being in a public relationship with a man even though he's accepted the fact that he's gay. And being attracted to Chris kind of took Max by surprise!

So Swap Meet had some interesting dynamics going on. The conflict stems from Chris's refusal to come out and Max wanting to get more serious with him. This conflict comes to a head when Chris's life is threatened while on the job. I thought the epilogue took it too far, was too sweet and unneccessary. But this was a cute little number.