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~~Louisa May Alcott

Yours to Take  - Joely Sue Burkhart Even though I haven't been reading any m/f/m lately (just lots of m/m/m), I was intrigued by the blurb. It's all about the power dynamic.

Before Vicki's client gunned down Detective Elias Reyes' partner, Elias and Vicki used to be a hot item. They tore the sheets up. Elias called it wrestling with an alligator. LOL I love that. Anyway, after the murder, Vicki took a long hard look at her life and quit defending scumbags and decided to take a chance on her dream of designing clothes. Elias dropped her like a hot potato and she's been going through this difficult time alone.

One evening during a freak snowstorm, Vicki runs into Jesse, a street artist she knew from her lawyering days. She used to sit with him in the park by her office. There was just something about him that calmed her down and after the murder, it was Jesse's shoulder she cried on. She hadn't seen him since then, and it's been quite a few months. And now Jesse needs her help. She refuses to let him stay outside in the snow and takes him back to her place to clean up, get warm and eat. Jesse tells her to check him out with the cops so she feels safe with him in her house. So Vicki calls up Elias and he freaks out thinking of a homeless punk in Vicki's house so he comes over to keep watch.

Elias can see that Jesse is in love with Vicki and even though he wasn't there for Vicki in the last while, he wants to be a part of her life now. And no homeless man is going to get in the way. Except as Vicki decides to help Jesse get his feet back under him, she realizes that she needs Jesse and that she won't give him up. She loves Elias. She needs Jesse.

I thought Yours to Take was one hot read! First of all, there's the scorching chemistry between Vicki and Elias. They're like two dominant alpha dogs who can't decide who's in charge and they're constantly trying to get the upper hand. And Jesse somehow makes that ok for the two of them. He gives Vicki an outlet for her dominance that smooths her rough edges with Elias. Elias isn't quite sure how to handle everything and Vicki is respectful of his inhibitions and doesn't get physical Jesse for quite a while. But can Elias handle it once they do get physical?

I really liked the dynamics between Vicki, Elias and Jesse. Jesse was this perfect little cog into Vicki and Elias' relationship that allowed them to be together. But it also allowed Jesse to be with Vicki and get his needs met. Vicki is a dominant (and we learn so are her brothers, but this book reads fine as a stand-alone) and she never knew she was so she's worried about unintentionally harming Jesse. I really liked Jesse's character. And like I said, this book was hot! Elias gets off in knowing someone is listening to him with Vicki...and later on watching. Rowr.

I had a few dislikes though. I thought the commercial scene was a bit corny. That's my own personal feeling, but there was a hot scene acted out in a corny one...so it wasn't a total loss. LOL And then there was the stuff with Vicki's mom. It didn't add anything to the plot and even though Vicki and her mom became closer, I still felt it was unresolved on some level.

But overall, I really enjoyed YtT. Hot stuff!