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Prove It - Chris Owen I am not gonna lie, I love every book I've read by Chris Owen. Prove It was no exception. Friends to lovers? I'm all over this one!

Prove It starts with Warren and Silas meeting when they're five years old. Warren is a very serious little guy who likes things to happen the way they should. So Silas who is impulsive and hyper and kind of all over the place definitely rubs him the wrong way. Silas is a charmer though and everyone loves him, everyone except Warren. And things are like this until junior high, when Tal enters the picture. He gets along with both guys and eventually all 3 hang out. Then high school hits and Silas realizes he's gay. Since he's everyone's favorite, it's not really a big deal to their classmates and everyone accepts it. Everyone figures Warren's a late bloomer, but Warren knows that as the class nerd, if he came out, it wouldn't be all smiles and rainbows for him, so he just concentrates on his school work and looks forward to college, where he can be who he is. And for those wondering, Tal is straight.

College rolls around and the three Musketeers are all going to the same school. Silas is out, reviving the GSA club, Tal is going through the female students like candy and Warren is still Warren. He has lovers but he keeps his love life extremely private, not even revealing to Tal and Silas that he's gay. But they know, and on his 21st birthday, they have a little intervention. LOL They want Warren to tell them the truth. I thought it was a touching scene that showed how all 3 cared for each other.
Warren sighed and drank beer. "It's a lot easier to just stay quiet," he finally said. "No one ever asks, no one expects anything. I'm not very good with people, you guys. No one questions anything when I don't bring a date to parties -- or even when I don't go to parties. I'm just that nerdy book guy with the good grades. It's all fine with me."
"We're not just rabble, though, are we?" Tal asked softly. "We're the guys who've had your back for years. We're the ones you can tell, and the ones you should tell. I know you just haven't gotten around to it and you're probably intending to do it when you finally need to, like when the right person comes along and is important enough for you to care about. But you know what? It's okay to say something before that. And it's important to, so you're, like, a whole person or some shit like that."
Warren was looking at the bottle in his hands, his face serious. Silas couldn't see his eyes, but he knew the look; Warren was thinking hard, planning what to say. "Warren." Silas moved, intending only to sit on the edge of the roommate's bed but somehow crossing the room to sit next to Warren. "Warren. Do you trust me?"
"Of course." Warren's head snapped up. "Of course I do."
"Talk to me." Silas resisted the urge to actually hold Warren's hand.
Warren stared at him, his eyes huge. "But you know."
"Say it." From experience, Silas knew it made a difference, at least the first few times.
Warren swallowed, not looking away from him. Tal's chair creaked. "I won't be out getting any girls pregnant," he said. "I'm gay."
Silas grinned at him, his whole body going warm. "Good job." Then he leaned forward and kissed Warren's mouth. "Well done."
Tal made a gagging sound and started to laugh. Warren blinked at him a few times, looking stunned. "You kissed me."
Silas nodded and moved back to the other bed. "I give rewards." His knees were weak and he tried not to show it.

I love these guys!

But what totally got me was when Tal brings the whole 'intervention' idea up to Silas, he casually mentions Warren having relations with some faceless guy and that really bothers Silas. At first he thinks he's just feeling protective of Warren. He thinks Warren should be with someone who loves him. But we the reader know Silas is totally jealous. And even after Warren comes out, he refuses to divulge who he has slept with and who he is currently sleeping with. This drives Silas crazy! I ate it up because I love jealous heroes.

Prove It was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I liked that we see how we see the characters starting from when they're five years old all the way to their college years. I love when Silas starts to see Warren in a different light. The books gets very interesting after their little intervention, but I won't spoil it for you. Just know that it's good.