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She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott


Resistance - L.M. Turner This novella packs quite the punch. Ryan is the king of the one night stand. He never sleeps with the same guy twice. He avoids commitment and complications - emotions are the devil basically. But Ryan's carefully controlled world is shaken up by the new guy in town, Jayden. Jayden gets under Ryan's skin and he despite his rules, he keeps going back for more. But Jayden gets tired of Ryan constantly pushing him away and finally backs off. Ryan quickly realizes that he's been a fool and wants Jayden back...but is it too late?

I was totally caught up in Jayden and Ryan's story. I was really fearful that Ryan may have been too late. I was surprised at how caught up I was in the emotions these two guys felt. You are reeled into this story very quickly and you're wrung out by the time the conclusion rolls around. Good stuff!