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~~Louisa May Alcott

Diving in Deep - K.A. Mitchell This is the first of three connected books and the last one I read. It's also the weakest of the bunch - but it's still a good book so I'm not really complaining. It has one of my favorite themes: falling for a best friend's sibling. Noah and Cameron make an appearance in Collision Course and the dynamic between Cameron and Aaron intrigued me, so I ended up reading this story last. Noah and Cameron grew up knowing each other, with Noah having a major crush on his brother's best friend. Cameron was interested, but Noah was younger and so didn't allow himself to go there...until Noah was older, and then only once. And they never saw each other again. Until Noah shows up in a recertification course Cameron is teaching. And Cameron finally gives into Noah and these two hook up whenever Cameron is in Noah's neck of woods. I liked Noah and Cameron and I liked their dynamic. A good start to these connected books.