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~~Louisa May Alcott

Love in Exile (Brothers in Arms, Book Six) - Samantha Kane Love in Exile is book six in the Brothers in Arms series by Samantha Kane. It’s also the second book I’ve read by her (the first being the Courage to Love, book 1 of this series). Not having read the previous 4 books in this series did not detract from the story at all. There were a few characters that I can imagine were from the previous books, but at no point was I lost in what was going on.

I really enjoyed Love in Exile. I thought the characters were well written. First there’s Gregory. He’s skating the edge between two cultures. His father is a well known English scientist and his mother is Polynesian. He can tell he’s different from both and he prefers living in his mother’s land than spending time on English soil. On his latest excursion to England, he hopes to find someone to pass the time with, and he gets his wish with Nat and Alecia Digby, a younger couple who intrigue him from the beginning.

Nat and Alecia were interesting characters as well. I like how although their marriage was arranged, they overcame the obstacles at the beginning of their marriage and eventually fell in love. And they do take the odd gentleman into their bed from time to time but their loyalties lie with each other. But Gregory changes that – and they change things for Gregory as well. He no longer wants someone to just pass the time with, he’s looking for more, but can the threat of blackmail keep them away from each other forever?

One qualm I had was when Nat, Alecia and Gregory initially came together. Nat had been with men in the past and I was worried that he would care for Gregory more than he cares for Alecia. I had the same feeling for Gregory as well – would they leave Alecia out? But that fear was totally groundless. Samantha Kane knows how to write threesomes really well and thought it was balanced out well.

I have to give Love in Exile a 4 out of 5!