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Rule's Bride (Bride Trilogy) - Kat Martin This is the first novel I've read by Kat Martin. I enjoy this kind of theme - marriage of convenience. Violet's father, the owner of a gun manufacturing company, marries her off to Rule Dewar, the brother of a duke, to provide for her future after he is gone (he is dying). Only 16 at the time of the marriage, Violet remains in Boston while Rule returns to England and three years go by. Rule, who never wanted to be married in the first place, feels bad for not having gone to collect his wife-in-name-only yet. Violet is sick of waiting, and since she's in love with another man, decides to travel to England and seek an annulment. But when Rule lays eyes on his adult wife, he decides he'd like to remain married to her after all.
Like I said above, this is my first Kat Martin novel. I don't know if it's indicative of her writing, but overall I thought this book was average. Violet is a strong, independent woman which is a good thing - but I felt like she didn't really stand up for herself when it came to her husband. She gave into him quickly, while her kind of fiance back in Boston was an afterthought. She dispensed excellent love advice to her cousin, but she couldn't follow her own words of wisdom. Rule also, despite having several examples of loving marriage around him, felt like he couldn't love Violet. I felt his attitude towards love was a convenient excuse for a bit of the conflict between these two strong-willed people. The secondary romance was treacly sweet and didn't add to the story. The mystery was ok. Overall, Rule's Bride gets 3 out of 5 stars from me. Average.