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~~Louisa May Alcott

Home for the Holidays - Sarah Mayberry Ok - crazily inaccurate blurb alert! Joe and Hannah get off on the wrong foot the day he moves into her neighbourhood. He thinks she's a crazy biker chick and she thinks he's a curmudgeon that alienates people around him (he snapped at her for her loud motorcycle when his kids were sleeping). So wrong foot. And then everytime they saw each other after that, they kept rubbing each other the wrong way! And then one day, she catches his son doing something not so good and lets him know and he starts to see that he was wrong about her and they begin to get to know each other. He's worried about his baggage (widower, 2 children) and she's planning a road trip around Australia and she's got baggage of her own (her younger sister stole her man). So the whole holiday thing isn't really a big theme in this book either. There is mention of Christmas coming up, and that's kind of it. So even though the holiday season has passed, this book is good for anytime. Yay.

Ok, I truly enjoyed Home for the Holidays. Hannah is kind of scared and vulnerable. Joe is scarred and worried if he's doing the wrong thing with his children. And you know me, I'm not a fan of children in romance. But these kids...these were good kids. I like how it all came together for these 4 people.

But what got me was the surprise element towards the end. You see, after everything is said and done, Hannah finds out she has breast cancer. She's only 28 and everyone is telling her she's young and she's going to get better, no doubt about it. And it made me cry. I lost a friend last year to breast cancer. She was only 25. So yeah, you can tell someone they're young and healthy and they're going to recover, but sometimes you can't beat it. And you really really want Hannah to make it and she doesn't want to hurt Joe and his children - she doesn't want to put them in a position to lose someone they care about again and yeah, it all came together so wonderfully and emotionally and I cried. You can't ask for more than that. 4 stars