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~~Louisa May Alcott

Beyond the Rain - Jess Granger When I picked this up a few days ago, the blurb kind of gave me some pause. I was thinking I didn't want to read about some mission, I wanted us to get to the good stuff right away. And I was not disappointed. Cyani is getting ready to pull out of enemy territory when her scout fox, Vicca, locates another humanoid life form. Bound and determined to rescue this person, Cyani sends her teammates on back to the ship while she goes back inside the alien prison type warehouse place (yes, this is exactly what its called) and rescues the slave her fox found. She is appalled when she finds him - he's chained and blinded and maybe drugged, so Cyani calms him before she can rescue him, because she does not need this massive man fighting her while she's trying to save him.

So she cuts him loose but not in time, her ship has taken off and her and Soren, the slave, have to stick around the goddess forsaken planet until her team can come back and rescue, which could take 3 weeks. But Cyani is no helpless miss and with Soren to bounce ideas off of, she gets them off that planet in no time. Unfortunately, the ship she hijacked doesn't have enough fuel for a safe landing so she kind of crashes on a different planet and she's worried about getting a signal out for someone to come find them. While she's waiting for her people, she gets to know the locals and her and Soren continue to bond.

Now I've only focused on things from Cyani's point of view so far - and I'm not quite done with her.

But first let's move onto Soren. Soren was captured on his planet because of his man juice, which is highly sought after on the shadow market. His race produces some hormone and he's been sucked dry by his alien captors for a looong time. For him to produce the hormone, he was pumped up with drugs and his system, now that he's been rescued, is so screwed up that he's going to die unless he gets some more of those drugs. Unless he can convince Cyani to get his blood flowing to get his body to create those drugs itself, if you know what I mean.

But Cyani belongs to the Elite warriors from the planet Azra, which is a celibate sisterhood, and she's been trained to avoid touch at all costs. So Soren, who has some very physical needs, is SOL. But when Cyani and Soren were stuck on that planet after she rescued him, she came to rely on him and he came to trust her. They started to bond and so Cyani got used to Soren and his touch.

And now that they're on a peaceful planet, Cyani and Soren have a bit of time to explore their growing bond. Only Cyani is scared shitless by it and kind of denies denies denies. And then help comes. So Cyani has to decide, return to her planet or stay with Soren (and she doesn't that if she leaves Soren, he'll die).

All right. I loved the first half of this book. The world building was awesome, Cyani was this super cool kick ass chick that didn't need anybody and Soren was this really cool guy who had some pretty nifty tricks up his sleeve.

But the second half of the book annoyed me and it was all Cyani's fault. She was so self-sacrificing it got on my nerves. I think I counted her making a dumb move 3 or 4 times. I don't want to say exactly how, but she makes the wrong decision over and over. She keeps putting other people ahead of herself and so hurts Soren who loves her. It's hard to explain without giving it away - but Soren almost dies because she's thinking of her entire planet as needing her. So yeah, it grew from her brother to her planet...and she never really questioned how things were...she played along into the 'villains' plans very neatly. Like Soren said, what she had wasn't freedom.

Now despite that, I thought this book was enjoyable. I'm giving Beyond the Rain 3 stars. And I'm definitely interested in book 2 of this series.