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~~Louisa May Alcott

A Spanking for Valentine - Evangeline Anderson What made me interested in this one was the fact that Shane was Valentine's brother's friend. That's one of my favorite set-ups. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy A Spanking for Valentine. First there was some inconsistencies with Valentine's character. That annoyed me. And then there was the altercation at the BDSM club. Now, I am not an expert in the lifestyle. But it seems to me that things should be consensual between all individuals involved. And there was some non-consensual stuff going on that Valentine needed to be rescued from. Fortunately, I had a friend I could discuss this with and she said in her experience at clubs, things were set up differently but for sure there had to be consent. So I'm thinking for someone who might be interested and they were to pick this book up, they may get turned off by that part. That annoyed me as well. The sex scenes were plenty hot, but the rest of A Spanking was a bit of a miss for me.