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~~Louisa May Alcott

The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn The Viscount Who Loved Me was a truly delightful read. In fact, I stayed up until 5 am to finish reading it. *g* Haven't done that in ages!

Anthony Bridgerton knows he's going to die young. He was only 18 when his father died at age 38, and he has a gut feeling that he's not going to live past his father's age. Now that he's 30, he only has a few years left and he decides to finally marry. This sets the ton atwitter because Anthony is quite the rake. But his past doesn't scare off the marriage minded mamas (especially his own) and rather than deal with a bunch of girls who don't fit his requirements, he picks that Season's Incomparable on the advice of his brothers.

Unfortunately, this woman is Edwina Sheffield. And she very publicly announced that she would only marry a man her eldest sister approves of. And so Anthony sets out to charm Kate Sheffield, the eldest Sheffield sister. Sparks fly immediately, only Kate and Anthony cannot stand each other. But underneath all the seeming hatred is desire. Anthony denies denies denies but he cannot help kissing Kate a few times. Kate will never do, because Anthony has claimed not to marry for love, and he knows he could easily fall for Kate.

Ok, what I liked about the VWLM is the fact that the conflict is all internally driven. Anthony is not a spy, there's no evil forces at work against these two people. Indeed, Kate and Anthony both have inner demons that they need to face in order to admit they love each other. I enjoyed the journey both these characters took to get to that point. One of my favorite scenes is a fight scene between Anthony and Kate. They have quite a few altercations and each one had me grinning like a fool, I love when the h/h banter back and forth and always engage in a clash of wills. But really, Anthony cannot beat Kate.

I thought the VWLM was really cute and I can't wait to get to the rest of the Bridgerton's.