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The Ex Games - Jennifer Echols So Hayden and Nick dated back in 7th grade. They're in 11th grade now and they're friendly, although they tease each other like crazy. Hayden still likes Nick and she thinks after the most recent touchy-feely way he's been acting that he may like her again. But Hayden has doubts about Nick's feelings because of what broke them up back in 7th grade. And then once their mutual friends stir up their competitive juices and pit them against each other, Hayden is even more unsure about Nick's intentions. That doesn't stop her from making out with him once or three times. (I actually thought it was cute the way they'd appear to be on the same page so they'd make out and then one of them would open up their mouth and insert foot and then they'd fight haha!) On top of all that, Hayden has a deep seated fear of heights, and one of the snowboard challenges is to do a jump. So can Hayden get over her phobia in time to kick Nick's ass?

The Ex Games is definitely a romantic comedy. There's the oddball group of friends, the annoying younger brother (who is super funny) and even a cute dog that manages to get in everyone's way. I really enjoyed the snowboarding aspect to this book. In contemporary sports romance novels, usually only one person is the athlete (football or baseball player for example). So it was nice to see the h/h pitted against each other. It definitely creates some great tension and a good reason for the characters to debate back and forth and give me that back and forth dialog I love so much.

Speaking of the younger brother, here's a classic Josh-ism:
"Why is Nick Krieger telling you that girl snowboarders are no good and your win doesn't mean anything? Does he like you or something? Make sure he knows we're vegetarian. Mom and Dad would die if they had to pay your dowry in kielbasa."


Nick was hot too. Excellent hero material.

The Ex Games was a fun read and I definitely recommend it if you're looking for something different but funny.