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She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott

Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Julia Quinn Colin so far in this series, has been somewhat lighthearted. He's charming and witty and he likes to travel. So imagine my surprise when I found out he wasn't quite as carefree as he came across in the other books. And I kind of didn't like that. He realizes that his brothers are leaving a legacy behind and what's his legacy? His charm? No one is going to remember that in 100 years! (How come he doesn't worry about his sisters' legacies? grrr)

And then there's Penelope Featherington. She's been Eloise's friend for the past 11 years (when they first came out when they were 17). And being Eloise Bridgerton's friend means coming into contact with Colin Bridgerton. And how bittersweet is that for Penelope. She's loved Colin for years. And he only notices her when she's standing right in front of him. *sigh*

But when Colin comes home after his latest jaunt abroad, he begins to notice Penelope. She's changed...or he's changed. But something has changed and now he wants her. Really really bad. And as he notices her, he realizes that Penelope has a pretty big secret!

Ok - I was totally not ready to find out what we found out in this book! But I liked the way it all worked out in the end. When Penelope was going to be blackmailed by a certain horrible person, I kind of groaned and said to myself, "Oh NO, not a blackmail story!" Fortunately, Julia Quinn made Penelope such a pragmatic heroine!

It never occurred to her, not even for a minute, that she might keep this from him.
Those words are so beautiful! I hate blackmail plots with a vengeance and I'm so glad Penelope realized she couldn't keep this from her man. You know how TSTL she would have been otherwise?

So in the end, although I wasn't thrilled about Colin's story, this is still Julia Quinn and so it's still good stuff. But I still prefer Benedict's story to Colin's. LOL