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~~Louisa May Alcott

Fire Me: A Tale of Scheming, Dreaming, and Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places - Libby Malin Ok, this book totally had me cracking up! What would you do to get fired? Anne is about to find out how far she'll go. And oh my goodness I could not believe how far she went. Along the road to unemployment, Anne begins to see her fellow coworkers in a new light. For example, there's the graphic designer in the cubicle next to hers. She's never noticed Ken before, just that he appeared quiet and when she spies a drawing of herself in his portfolio, she becomes intrigued and starts trying to get to know him. Then there's Sheila on the other side of her cubicle. Sheila, Anne notices, is acting pretty outrageously as well. Could she be trying to get fired and why? Anne finds out her and Sheila have quite a bit in common...

Ok, I haven't really gone into the humor of this book but believe me, it's there. I found myself cracking up so many times and I was glad no one was around to see me.

I was telling a friend about the book and she asked if there was romance in it. There is a flirtation struck up with Ken but this book is more about Anne's journey towards self-discovery than finding Mr. Right. And that's ok. The journey Anne takes is funny and somewhat emotional. She has to deal with her dreams, the death of her father, the strained relationship with her mother and also she has to come face to face with the consequences of an affair she had. All in all, Fire Me was a really good read. And bonus! If you email the author, she'll send you a bonus chapter that takes place after the events of the book. I really liked that!