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When He Was Wicked - Julia Quinn I love love love this kind of story. Falling for your friend's significant other...or in this case, your cousin's. Knowing who you want is right there, just out of reach. *sigh* So dramatic.

And then the person you love is free, but there is guilt for wanting them and that to get them another person you cared for or loved had to die for you to be with them. Oh the misery!

Fortunately, Ms. Quinn did not rack the guilt on too much, which is a potential downfall with this storyline. She had just the right amount of guilt going on. So it made the conflict for Michael and Francesca perfect.

Also, Michael has to get Francesca to see him as something other than her best friend and he doesn't realize that she already does, and she's super freaked out by it!

This was such a fun read. The build up was great - how Michael loved Francesca, their reactions to her husband's death, how their four years apart affected them and then how coming back together made something change for them. And then the chase. Michael wanted her, and he was going to have her. I love that he followed her to Scotland. And then HE was trying to trap her into marriage. It was nice to see the man wanting the marriage, not the lady. LOL I thought Michael was yummy. Rowr