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~~Louisa May Alcott

What the Librarian Did (Harlequin Super Romance) - Karina Bliss All in all, I enjoyed reading this book, but after that last page was finished and I closed the book, a few things bothered me.

So Rachel Robinson is a librarian at a university in Australia. She's kind of a mother-hen type who cooks Sunday dinner for students that need a home cooked meal (exchange students, freshmen, etc) and she's a nice person. She likes to wear vintage clothing (think Dita Von Teese but less sexy) and she looks younger than her 34 years.

Then there's Devin Freedman. He was a guitarist in a famous band (his brother was the lead singer) and he availed himself of the booze...to the point a doctor told him if he drank anymore he'd die. So he's cleaned himself up and he's decided to straighten his act up. In his sobriety, he's noticed there's something screwy with his royalty payments and he's decided to take accounting at the small university where Rachel works to discover the root of the problem.

And finally there's Mark. He's come to university to find his mother. You see, Mark just discovered that he was adopted, and his parents didn't tell him. So knowing what he knows (his mother is 34 and works at the university) he's decided to find her and confront her. He's under the assumption that his mother didn't want him...and he wants her to feel that same pain, to reject his birth mother.

So three people, how are they all tied together? It's pretty easy to figure out the relationship between Rachel and Mark. When Rachel figures out Mark is her son, she doesn't come clean with him right away. She wants Mark to get to know her and see her as a friend before she reveals the truth. She hopes that way he'll give her a chance.

And Devin from his first day of school has been sucked into Rachel's sphere. She has no clue he's this famous guy and even after she learns about it, she doesn't care. She doesn't care until she realizes her young son is hanging around him and she's worried that Devin will rub off on Mark in a bad way. She doesn't know Devin is sober and she assumes he's into drugs and sex and all other sundry rock star vices. And then she realizes that these two are friends and so decides to hang out with Devin to get to know Mark.

And that's where I'm kind of meh about the book. Rachel's motivations toward Devin at first aren't about the attraction between them. She's using him. And then when push comes to shove at the end of the book, she uses Mark as an excuse to push Devin away. Frustrating much? And then I feel like she kind of went overboard in regards to Mark.

Despite all that, I enjoyed the book. The attraction between Devin and Rachel is my favorite kind. They don't like each other at first and yet they can't stay away from each other. LOL And with that comes the witty dialogue I so adore.