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The Englor Affair - J.L. Langley I thoroughly enjoyed The Englor Affair! The issues I had with My Fair Captain weren't there and the romance totally drew me in.

Englor is a planet where people live in a Regency England-type society. Unlike Regelence, same sex unions are frowned upon, and there's actually a group of people who want to make it homosexuality illegal. Regelence is the planet in My Fair Captain - also based upon Regency England society, but where men marry men and use a cloning/artificial insemination procedure to procure their male heirs.

So Payton is the brother of Aiden, one of the heroes from MFC. Aiden and Payton (and the rest of their siblings) are princes on Regelence. Aiden in MFC married Nathaniel Hawkins, an admiral from Englor. The people of Englor adore Nate and see him as a hero. But some of the population sneer at his marriage. In MFC, events occurred that led to the discovery of a possible spy from Englor. And that's why Payton is accompanying Nate to Englor - to hack into the computer system and see what he can find. He's masquerading as Nate's lieutenant to get on base.

Simon Hollister is a Colonel in the Englor Marines. He knows there's plots and scheming going on and he believes his mother is in the middle of it. Also his friend who was on Regelence has not reported back in a few months and he needs to discover his whereabouts. In the midst of this, The Admiral (Nate) has come to do a base inspection (really a cover) and Simon questions if that's really why the Admiral is on Englor.

There's the basic set up of why Payton has arrived on Englor. Another biggie - Payton as a young lord on Regelence, would have been chaperoned everywhere he went. You see, his virtue is of utmost importance. On Englor, there's no need for a chaperone...meaning he absolutely needs one! With freedom, Payton meets a fellow at the gym on base and he's utterly enthralled. Little does he realize that the man who's seducing him could be a potential threat to Regelence.

Obviously, Simon is no threat to Regelence. Let's just get that out of the way. And then Simon and Payton hook up and it is gooooood. I loved the scenes between these two! Simon is a leader of men but has to hide his true desires. He's very careful but he wishes he could be who is is without having to hide. Because Simon is also a prince. And on Englor, he'll have to marry a woman and provide an heir. And Payton was only supposed to stay on Englor for a few days, and Simon hates the thought of him leaving. I loved Simon - he's alpha and protective and even there's a scene when he's get's jealous of the fact that Payton appears to be flirting with another man. And you all know how I love jealousy (in small doses LOL).

Payton was cute. Although not alpha like Simon, he knew how to take charge when it mattered. (And those were yummy scenes) What I liked about Payton and Simon together was that their relationship seemed more equal. In MFC, the relationship between Nate and Aiden didn't feel that way - so I'm glad that this was not the case between Payton and Simon. Payton stood up to Simon and even though Simon kind of became overprotective, Payton showed him he could take care of himself.

All in all, the Englor Affair was delightful and I'm glad I went back to that world.