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Conference Call - Kelly Jamieson A while back, I mini-reviewed an ebook by Kelly Jamieson. It was just ok for me but when Kelly thanked me for my review, I was so impressed by her professionalism that I knew I had to give her another chance. So here's me, giving Kelly's writing another chance. And I'm so glad I did!

This novella was such a fun, spicy read! Kenzie and Noah met a few months ago and both felt a spark. When a chance popped up for Noah to work with Kenzie, he jumped on it. Through emails and phone calls, Kenzie and Noah put a presentation together that they would present together at a conference. Both look forward to meeting up at the conference, to explore their attraction. When they do meet, things are going very well, until a friend of Kenzie's shows up. All of a sudden, Noah is fighting for Kenzie's attention and Kenzie is torn between the sure thing and the exciting new maybe thing. LOL

Like I said, this was a fun read. Kenzie and Noah are fun characters. These two know they can work well together, they balance each other out. And their flirting is just getting started when Shaun shows up. Shaun and Kenzie have known each other for a few years and very casually hook up from time to time. When Noah and Shaun's vying for Kenzie's LONE attention doesn't seem to be working, Shaun ups the ante, and asks Kenzie if she'd like to fulfill one of her ultimate fantasies: a threesome. She's hesitant but she takes the men up on their offer. You see, Kenzie doesn't want Noah to think she's a conference slut or that he won't respect her in the morning.

The story works so well because these aren't strangers randomly hooking up at a conference, these are people who know each other quite well and there's enough backstory to flesh out their intentions and relationships. Total win for Kelly Jamieson with Conference Call. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more by her.

Also, although there is a threesome, there is only a little touching between the guys. Kenzie is definitely the focus of the show. :P