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The Assignment  - Evangeline Anderson I really enjoyed The Assignment! Told in third person point of view, but from Nicholas's perspective, we are just as clueless about Sean's feelings as Nick himself is. That really put us in Nick's confused shoes. LOL

And as you know, I am a big fan (zee biggest!) of the friends to lovers theme. If I wanted to have babies, I would have this theme's baby. And the Assignment can definitely be labelled as a friends to lovers type story. Right from the first day of police academy, Sean and Nick have been friends. One would think they wouldn't be, Sean is of Irish descent and from a working class background and even though he doesn't talk about it much, Nick is from money. And both are straight. Until Nick realizes he's fallen for his partner. Sean getting injured is what made Nick see him in a new light. But he's afraid Sean would be repulsed if he knew how Nick feels, so Nick swears never to let Sean know.

This definitely sets the tension up to steaming levels when these two have to act like a couple at the RamJack, the gay resort they need to infiltrate for their case. Nick gets all worked up by what they have to do and he's afraid for Sean to notice...but then he notices Sean is affected as well! This creates some amazingly hot scenes. HAWT!

My only beef with the Assignment was the dialog. The "I" is dropped when things would get hot and heavy. I don't know, that kind of bugged after a while. Especially since I've seen that in another book too. I know it's meant to show how far gone these guys are, that they can't even talk properly...but I'm a proper kind of girl. LOL

All in all, a good read, right up my alley.