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~~Louisa May Alcott

And Call Me in the Morning - Willa Okati You all know I'm a crazy fool for friends to lovers theme, and this definitely fits the bill! Zane and Eli are both doctors and have been friends for a while. They actually met when Eli was injured when he was a cop and came to the free clinic and Zane treated him. Eli soon left the force after that and went to med school, something that inspires Zane. So what gets these guys thinking differently about each other? Their friends constantly harass them about being secretly a couple. They're best friends and that's it. But Zane, sick of all the questions, decides to test it out, he and Eli kiss and there are sparks. Definite sparks. Totally hot stuff. Here are two hetero guys that are now totally hot for each other. The journey they take together is very interesting. I can see this being a re-read in the future.