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~~Louisa May Alcott

Lord Harry's Angel - Patricia Oliver Major Harry Davenport is in need of a rich wife. His older brother, the rightful earl, died, leaving behind crushing debts. Harry’s solicitor recommends finding an heiress and this is where Angela Walter comes in. Angela’s father is as rich as Croesus, but his wealth comes from trade. Harry resents the fact that he has to marry a Cit to bring the family’s stock back up.

But Harry gets quite the surprise when he meets Angela. He’s been thinking that she’s going to be an old maid and Angela is anything but. She wants to get married and have children and she had always hoped she’d love her husband. But after a crushing blow by a titled gentleman who only offered her a position as his mistress not his wife, Angela has become more realistic and practical in regards to her situation. She knows what she has to offer and so she decides to meet Harry and see how they’d get along. This would be a marriage of convenience and Angela realizes that Harry is only doing it for the money.

Sure enough, Harry is surprised when he meets Angela, who really is beautiful. She’s also smart and quickly picks up on Harry’s attitude toward her not being ‘the right people.’ After their first two meetings, she’s almost sure she’s going to turn down Harry’s offer. But when she hears he's guardian to his cousin's son, she changes her mind. These two strike a bargain and decided to wed.

Harry’s resentment however doesn’t really go away, and he’s forced to deal with the fact that his family’s situation is saved by her money. His snobby mother doesn’t help things either. And Angela infuriates him and tempts him. She’s practical and the complete opposite of the other woman he loved – a woman who is now back in his life. And the man who broke Angela’s heart is also back in the picture. Can Angela and Harry overcome their differences and prejudices against each other to make their marriage work?

All right then. I enjoyed this book. Harry and Angela’s characters were very engrossing and this is the kind of conflict I can get behind. And just when things start going well for the two of them, people from their past come back and muck the waters up again. Both Angela and Harry know things have changed between them but aren’t sure how the other feels, so both have to deal with jealousy and doubt. Plus it seems like everyone around them is trying to prevent their being together.

I liked the voyage Angela and Harry took. Although I am going to have to take the grade down a bit because Harry did something pretty awful and I thought that Angela forgave him too easily. He really needed to grovel. If not for that, this book would get a B. As it is, I'm giving it a C+.