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~~Louisa May Alcott

Meant For Each Other - D.H. Starr There's nothing I enjoy more than a good friends-to-lovers theme. Meant for Each Other was a good read. Craig and Jeremy have been friends since kindergarten. At the end of their sophomore (or is it junior?) year, Jeremy is moving across the country and both boys are very worried about their friendship. They both admit that they're in love with the other and share a kiss that will rock both their worlds. This is the kiss that they compare every kiss they share with another man with. And eight years later, long after they've lost touch with each other, their paths cross in New York. Both men are in committed relationships. They have to deal with their reawakened feelings for each other and come to terms with the relationships they're both in. I enjoyed the story but thought there was a lot of build-up to their reunion. I would have liked to have seen Jeremy and Craig run into each other sooner. Other than that and a few editing issues, I enjoyed MfEO.