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~~Louisa May Alcott

Promises - Marie Sexton Promises was good! It features the friends-to-lovers theme, which is doubly delicious because it's also about two hot guys! This is good because even though they haven't been friends all their lives (which is my ultimate fave with this theme) we get to know each character and their falling in love is believable. But the road to happiness is not easy - since Matt denies his attraction to Jared. Jared tries his hardest to just be Matt's friend, but that yearning is there. And he knows Matt is only fooling himself. Giving into his desire for Jared is no simple thing for Matt. He's a policeman in a small town. Things would be just a teeny bit difficult if he opened that closet door. But all that means nothing when a friend (one with benefits) comes to visit Jared. *sigh* I love a jealous hero. I was really pleased with the way this story unraveled. And it was hot.