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She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.
~~Louisa May Alcott

Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell I was curious about Joey and Aaron from No Souvenirs so when this e-book was offered up for free from Amazon, you know I was all over that! Aaron has issues - many many issues. First, he raised his younger siblings. Second, he hates social workers. Third, he's not really one for commitment. And Joey is a social worker, loves being in love and is clumsy as hell. The last thing Aaron needs is to hook up with a social worker that he ends up having to watch over...and yet, that's what kind of happens. LOL Aaron, if you can't tell, is a bit of a grumpus. Joey is his complete opposite and this was one fun book to read. Joey is so bubbly and outgoing, a real sweetie. And he was perfect for Aaron. Collision Course gets a 4 out 5, the conflict was internal and I love when a grumpy guy falls, because you know they fall hard. *g*