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~~Louisa May Alcott

Much Ado About You - Eloisa James I enjoyed Much Ado about You. I thought the sisters were cute and the way they related to each other very endearing. They see the faults but accept them and they love freely.

Tess and her sisters are orphans. Their father asked an acquaintance of his to be their guardian in the event of his death, and this man, the Duke of Holbrook, assumes the girls are just that, girls. But when they arrive on his doorstep, he realizes he inherited young women, not children. First priority, finding a proper chaperone! LOL But Rafe, the duke, comes to accept the ladies and he wants to do right by them. He gets along well with Tess, quickly coming to see her as the sister he never had.

Tess meanwhile, realizes that their father left them with very little (their dowries are horses!) and so sets out to marry. Fortunately for her, two very eligible men are visiting the Duke. She's attracted to one, but her dowry attracts the second. haha Since she's a practical girl, she says yes to the one that asks her...which is the Earl of Mayne, the man who likes her dowry.

You see, Tess' father raced horses and knew the Duke through racing circles. And all the Duke's friends are horse crazy. Let me tell you, I really liked all the horse talk! But that's not for everyone, I know.

Ok, Much Ado about You is getting 3.5 stars from me. I enjoyed it, there's nothing wrong with it, but it was just missing something. Tess' story was ok - pragmatic, like she was. Although the hero, Lucius was yummy. Here's something Tess thinks about him:
He was an annoying, expressionless, sardonic...kisser of unwilling women.