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The Rare Event - P.D. Singer I forget where I saw a review to this book, but it definitely intrigued me. I know nothing about hedge funds or Wall Street but I found it all very interesting.

The Rare Event takes place before the big financial crisis in 2008. Ricky and Jon are coworkers at a firm and also lovers. Jon would like to be exclusive, but Ricky likes variety. Jon loves Ricky enough to take him anyway he can. I know this doesn't work for some readers, but as long as both guys are in agreement, I don't consider it cheating.

Jon and Ricky also have different ideas on how they do their trading. Jon takes the safe route - he makes good deals but he's always thinking ahead and he knows how unpredictable the market is. Ricky plays it dangerous. He also makes good deals and so far he's been lucky and things have panned out. But he doesn't take the unexpected into consideration.

I really enjoyed the Rare Event. I found the financial trading aspect of it very interesting. And I like how it was integrated into the story. Jon's assistant has been noticing some alarming things in the housing industry. Which Jon has him investigate to see how they can make some money off it before things go downhill. Ricky and his assistant also notice things - but they only see how the housing market is growing. So Jon uses the information to make some short-term investments while Ricky looks at it and sees things long-term. Again, I can't state enough how interesting I found this whole business of trading.

My true enjoyment came from the angst between Ricky and Jon. A bit of the ways into the story, Jon's childhood friend re-enters his life. Davis is the younger brother of Jon's former best friend (there's a painful story there). Davis wants Jon. And Jon is oblivious at first. He's afraid that Ricky is going to go after Davis, since Ricky likes to hook up with other guys. Jon realizes that Davis wants Jon. Even after Jon breaks things off with Ricky (he finally decides that he wants a commitment and knows Ricky won't give it to him), Ricky does everything he can from Davis and Jon hooking up. And all the while he's working to get Jon back. I like that Jon makes Ricky work for it. I really relish these kinds of stories and the Rare Event certainly delivers.

I haven't read this author's work before but that's definitely going to change. If you want a different kind of cntemporary m/m, I recommend the Rare Event. B+