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The Stranger by Kyra Davis

The Stranger - Kyra Davis

(review posted at Book Binge)


I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite over rich and sexy businessmen just yet.  I thought this one stands out a bit from the bunch I’ve read lately because the heroine is with someone else when our story begins.  So beware, if infidelity (on either the hero or heroine’s part) is a total deal breaker for you, you won’t like this one.


The blurb does a good job of setting things up.  Kasie isn’t a total stick in the mud, but she definitely lets her hair done at her friend’s urging while in Vegas.  And while under the spell of Sin City, she has an illicit encounter with a man that is off the charts hot.  She thinks it ends there, but he can’t forget their connection and hires her firm to work with his company in an effort to bring her back into his life.  Even knowing she’s engaged doesn’t deter him from going after what he wants.


Kasie tries to resist her Vegas man, Robert Dade, but he’s unavoidable and Kasie doesn’t really try too hard.  Why this works for me, in the context of this story, is because of the way Davis sets up her relationship with Dave, the fiancé.  Dave is the kind of guy who looks good on paper.  But he’s not good for Kasie, and she’s in so much denial about the nature of their relationship.  There’s no passion and she’s not herself when she’s with him.  Robert is the opposite of Dave.  He won’t let her be anyone but herself with him.  Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about.  When I read the following blurb, I said “Oh snap!” to myself.  LOL


“I love him,” I say again. The sun is getting higher in the sky. I feel it beating on my shoulders. A small bead of sweat rolls down from my hairline. It’s the sun I’m reacting to. I say the words to myself. It’s the sun…not the heat.
“I almost believe you,” he says. For a moment I think he’s hearing my thoughts as well as my words.
“You should believe me,” I brace myself, find my courage, and tear my eyes away from the horizon to meet his. “I have never lied to you.”
“But you lie to him.”
“I love him,” I explain. “Everyone lies to the people they love. They’re the only ones worth the effort.”
“Then you must love yourself very much.”


Despite Kasie getting on my nerves (especially with how she keeps letting stuff with Dave go on the way they do), I enjoyed The Stranger.  The conflict was believable, I didn’t feel like Robert’s wealth was exaggerated and the ending left me wanting more.  I was kind of shocked with the way it all went down at the end.  Kasie is ready to make a stand and one of the men in her life flips everything on its head.  I honestly am looking forward to reading the next installment.


I’m giving The Stranger 4 out of 5.