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~~Louisa May Alcott

Almost Like Being in Love - Steve Kluger No question about it: I LOVED THIS BOOK. Lately, I've been marking off the pages where I like certain passages. I think I could have marked almost every page of ALBiL. I kid you not. Right from the get go this book had me laughing out loud. Ask Nath, I think I emailed her around page 8 saying I loved it already. LOL

Usually I'm not a fan of epistolary format, but Steve Kluger really knows his stuff. It wasn't just plain old letters between Travis and Craig, there were a variety of ways that this story was moved forward: lists, journal entries, e-mail, etc. And it was between a variety of people close to Travis and Craig, and these characters practically flew off the page!

You know how I know a book is a keeper? When I want to be inside the book - I want to be in that world the author creates. And Steve did that. Also, he made me cry. When a book makes me cry, I know it's something special.

I don't really want to go into what happens in this book but just know that right from page one, this book hooks you in. It makes you laugh and cry and I highly recommend Almost Like Being In Love. It is now one of my top favorite romances EVER, and that list is not a big one.

ALBiL gets an 5+ stars from me.