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Duchess in Love - Eloisa James This theme, of a married couple reuniting, is another one of my favorites. And this one is kind of different, in that Gina was still a child when she was married. So her marriage isn't really real. It's just an idea, a concept. So when she meets and falls for Sebastian, Marquess Bonnington, Gina writes to Cam, who has been sculpting in Greece these last 12 years and asks for an annulment.

Cam has to return to England to grant Gina's wishes. He doesn't mind - he doesn't really want to be married and Gina is a friend to him. They've kept up a faithful correspondence. But oh how things change...

The minute Cam sees Gina - not realizing she's his wife - he's attracted to her. You see, Gina was only 11 years old when her and Cam were married (the reasons why are divulged in the book). So Cam is entranced and here's an example of the conflict he's going through:
Cam felt a low simmer in his belly that he had no trouble identifying. He wanted the chit. Unfortunately, she was his wife and un-haveable. But perversely he meant to torment her for being so desirable.

Ok, the whole situation is so humorous! A husband and wife are attracted to each other, but its kind of too late for them, because Gina is engaged to Sebastian and if they were to consummate their marriage after all this time, their easy annulment would be forfeit.

At first Cam and Gina have fun with their situation, but as they get to know each other better, things begin to get serious and they both have to decide: to remain married or part as friends, if that's not already too late.

As with every Eloisa James novel, there's some secondary plots going on as well, and they all add to the main story. Since DiL is part of the Duchess quartet, I know we'll see these characters again. And I'm thankful for that.

Duchess in Love gets 4 stars from me. I love the theme and Eloisa's writing is great. If you haven't already, definitely check her out. I'm just glad I have so many of her books left in my TBR Pile. LOL