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Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris I don't want to give any spoilers, but at book #9 in a series, it's kind of impossible not to!

So in From Dead to Worse, a new vampire moved in to the Louisiana territory and Eric and his gang are the only vampires left of the old regime, basically. Sookie has set Quinn loose because he has family drama (big time!) and now Dead and Gone is taking place almost 5 months after the events in FDtW.

Sookie has been taking it easy - sticking to herself and just working. Dealing with Amelia and Octavia living with her. She knows she has to speak to Eric sooner or later, because in the last book, he's finally remembered the time he spent with her when his memory was erased. But that's something to think about later. Right now, the were-community is going to do a big reveal. And that goes pretty smoothly in Sookie's neck of the woods. She's at work when it happens, and there's a newscast that interrupts regularly scheduled programming and Sam and Tray shift along to the nice lady on tv. The bar patrons are excited at first, but then take it in stride. The only one who doesn't is Arlene, Sookie's old friend who has unfortunately fallen in with the Fellowship of the Sun.

Also, Sam's mother gets shot by her husband so Sam has to leave after the bar closes. Sookie is in charge of the bar for a bit.

After the second Big Reveal, Sookie also manages to get herself accidentally married to Eric. Yes you read that right. You see, Felippe de Castro, the vamp that took over Louisiana, is interested in Sookie's abilities. So for her own good, Eric gets Sookie to pledge herself -unknowingly!- to him in front of Felipe's agent, Victor. Eric says he does it for her own good, but she's pretty upset at his high-handed ways.

And then the next day, two FBI agents show up, also interested in the ability she showed the world after the Pyramid of Gizeh hotel blew up and she helped find survivors trapped in the rubble. Sookie does want to use her ability for good, but she doesn't want to go through the horrors of that experience again and again and again, which is how she sees it working out with the FBI. Fortunately and unfortunately, the FBI questioning is cut short when Sookie gets a call from the police: Crystal, Sook's sister-in-law, was crucified in Merlotte's parking lot.

As you can see, Sookie really doesn't get a rest from the supernatural business going on around her. And there's something else on top of that, something pretty big in regards to her great-grandfather. And if you don't know, Sook's great-grandfather is a Fae, he's actually the King of the fairies, and he has enemies, and they know where Sookie lives.

I thought Dead and Gone was dark. Darker than the previous books, and Sookie's life is really in danger in this one. Her mortality is made more apparent to her. As she puts it:
"You're not dead," Dr. Ludwig pointed out.
But I'd come pretty damn close; I'd sort of stepped over the line. There'd been an optimum rescue time. If I'd been liberated before that time, I would have laughed all the way to the secret supernatural clinic, or wherever I was. But I'd looked at death too closely - close enough to see all the pores in Death's face - and I'd suffered too much. I wouldn't bounce back this time.

You see, Sookie's great-grandfather's enemies found her.

Before she's found by her relative's enemies, there are a few times when Sookie's had to think about her relationship to the supernatural community.
I felt a moment of disconnect, as if I were standing back from my own life and viewing it from afar. The vampires owed me money and favors for my services to them. The Weres had declared me friend of the pack for my help during the just-completed war. I was pledged to Eric, which seemed to mea I was engaged or even married. My brother was a werepanther. My great-grandfather was a fairy. It took me a moment to pull myself back into my own skin. My life was too weird. I had that out-of-control feeling again, as if I were spinning too fast to stop.

At one point, Jason even blames everything on the vampires. If they hadn't revealed themselves a few years back, everything would have stayed a secret and all the supernatural hubbabaloo would have happened without any humans knowing. And some part of Sookie agrees with her brother.

So yes, Dead and Gone is a far darker book than the others. It also felt like events happening in this book are just a spring board for more events to happen. A set up. Especially in regards to her relationship with Eric. And Bill. And Sam. LOL

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Dead and Gone. In fact, I'm giving it 5 stars. And despite the dark tone, there is some levity. Like Sookie saying she'll nail Eric's ass for his actions in getting her pledged to him...and him saying she can nail his ass anytime. Woot! I gotta say, I've always been a fan of Eric's. LOL I also felt like there was a shift in Sookie and Sam's relationship. I always said he's been her rock, but he's super upset about her thing with Eric and she holds back from Sam in this book. And then Quinn makes a quick appearance and questions how tough she is on him and how she gives all her other men more leeway. He even throws Sam into her cadre of men. That makes me think - what's going to happen with Sam in the next book? All I know, I can't wait to find out. May can't get here fast enough!