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Grimspace - Ann Aguirre Sirantha Jax has been a Jumper for the Corporation for 14 years when her career goes down in a blaze. She’s being accused by her employers of crashing a passenger ship that resulted in 82 deaths. Sirantha has no recollection of the crash and the psych doctors have done a good enough job of making her doubt herself. She’s contemplating her circumstances and realizing she needs to escape or she’ll wind up dead when a man breaks into her room. He’s come to spring her because they need a jumper and she’s got nothing else to lose, right? Sirantha goes with March but realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. The crew of March’s ship, the Folly, aren’t exactly welcoming and there’s a plan that Sirantha is needed for but March isn’t exactly forthcoming about what it is. He’s also not very forthcoming, period. Which is something that drives Sirantha up the wall. Eventually though, Sirantha gets to know her new crew better and then the intergalactic hijinks really begin!

First, if you get nothing else from this review, know that I enjoyed the heck out of this book. Sirantha Jax is the kind of heroine I love – she’s KICK ASS. Yes, capitalized because that’s how kick ass she is. She’s reeling from the death of her lover and pilot Kai, who died in the crash. And she’s kind of forced to bond with March because a jumper can’t jump unless there’s a pilot to control the ship through grimspace. And the bond between pilot and jumper is very intense and intimate. This hurts Sirantha because of her bond with Kai. And March isn’t exactly the kind of man to cuddle up with. I loved her practicality and how it was juxtaposed with her moments of vulnerability. Seriously, one kick ass heroine.

The other characters were great as well. There’s March, the guy you love to hate – at first. He’s got a comeback for everything Sirantha says and he always seems to be one step ahead of her. He definitely keeps her on her toes and she needs someone like that. Someone she knows she can rely on when things get tough – she won’t need to bear the burden all alone. The dynamic between March and Sirantha was one I really enjoyed. Especially when he could pick up some of her thoughts.

Just like that, we've got a fair fight on our hands.

I'm not sure they want me alive anymore, but that's all right because they've got to catch me first. I use the rover, rounding it, then doubling back. If they think I'm going to stand still and take my beating, they're the crazy ones. It's a childish tactic but it buys me some time as March shakes his head, glares at me, and throws a sloppy roundhouse. He gets stomach-slugged twice in rapid succession and doesn't even stumble. Making a second lap, I decide he's one tough son of a bitch and make a mental note never to gut-punch him. I'll go for the eyes instead.

Midfight, March glares at me, and for that sin, takes a solid uppercut to the jaw. I laugh out loud, starting to enjoy this.

What also worked for me was the world-building. Aguirre did an awesome job of not info-dumping and that’s always a good thing. She does this through Sirantha. Sirantha is realizing that she’s been a bit coddled as a Corp jumper. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about the big wide universe and we learn right along with her. It made for interesting reading and it also showed us more about Sirantha’s character and personality. And the world Aguirre has created is complex and interesting.

So if you’re in the mood for a great sci-fi romp, definitely check out Grimspace. I couldn’t put it down and now I can’t wait to read more. Grimspace gets a 4.75 out of 5 from me.